General Market Information

Right now (March 2021) 3994 of 103.000 ships (source: Clarksons Research) have a scrubber installed.
Shipping is a growing market and therefore also causes more and more emissions. Shipping causes about 3.1% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. To counteract this, the IMO has decided that CO2 emissions should be reduced by 40% by 2030. By 2050, there should be 70% less CO2 emissions and 50% less greenhouse gases.
Teco 2030 addresses precisely these points and offers its Future Funnel for this purpose. This is used not only to reduce sulphur emissions, but also in the future for particulate matter (PM), black carbon (BC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and CO2 emissions.
With Teco 2030's add-on technology, the required cleaner can be retrofitted at any time. This means that the Future Funnel can initially only be purchased for sulphur reduction, but can be upgraded with the other cleaning systems in the coming years.
According to the Clean Shipping Alliance, the carbon footprint of ships using scrubbers is lower than when they use MGO/VLSFO. This is due to the additional refining of MGO and VLSFO (Source: Study from CE Delft).

A scrubber costs vary between 2 Mio Euro to 4 Mio Euro, depending on the ship size. There are about 35 recognized manufactures for scrubbers. If we assume that 2000 ships get retrofitted every year and TECO gets 2% of this. Then there would be every year 40 Future Funnels sold.
This would be a minimum turnover of 80 million euros per year.
If one were to divide the existing ships without scrubbers fairly among all 35 manufacturers, this would be approx. 2800 ships for TECO - i.e. a total minimum turnover of 5.6 billion euros over the next few years. Should TECO convince the first customers with its technology, interest will spread accordingly. All these numbers are without after sales/services.
This number can be expected way higher because of the growing pressure on the shipowners and TECOs unique "add-on" technology.

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