About this page

I, a german retail investor, have created this website to give everyone a quick and clear overview of TECO 2030. Often you have to dig through many websites to get the information you need. I would like to offer all that here in one fell swoop.
This should not only be presented as an investment opportunity, but also building a greener shipping industry that we all deserve. 
This is intended to be a website that provides all the information about TECO 2030 and its market.

If you have anything about the website, please let me know: teco@tecos-2030vision.com

 This is not to be seen as investment advise. Any investments made in TECO 2030 or affiliated partners/or projects are at own risk.
 Authors of tecos-2030vision.com may have positions in TECO 2030 and partners/or projects mentioned.